Desiccators are efficient for protection against moisture, contamination, and corrosion. Desiccators, also known as dehumidifiers and dehydrators, protect against moisture, humidity, contamination, and rust. The primary purpose of a desiccator is to eliminate moisture and other particulates from the ambient environment, and it is commonly used to preserve a product during shipment or storage. Desiccators are sealable enclosures that contain desiccants and are used to protect moisture-sensitive items such as electronics, paintings, documents, safes, pharmaceutical medications, and other things. Desiccators are sometimes used in laboratory testing to remove traces of water from an almost-dry sample. 

Desiccators come in a variety of shapes and sizes and use a range of desiccant mediums.  

There are several different types of desiccators; static and dynamic desiccators are standard terms. Static desiccators like desiccators and desiccators protect the sealed enclosures. They can be mounted through the equipment’s casing by either a mounting plug or a humidity indicator. A dynamic desiccator like the breather desiccator is a desiccator in which the environment is protected as a dynamic environment.  

Our desiccators can be regenerated easily by placing them in an oven for an extended period. The temperature and time required vary depending on the type of desiccant employed. All of our desiccators indicate when the desiccant medium has reached full saturation, which might be shown by the desiccant changing colours, such as blue to pink, orange to green, or a 10-60% relative humidity indicator card. The card’s colour will vary to show how long the desiccant medium will be helpful. 

These drying units are used for a broad range of applications. Desiccators are available as silica gel, molecular sieve, and activated carbon. Many desiccators are also available in the market and used in different industries. To learn more about the types of desiccants, please visit our blog. Direct purchase is also available from our online store. Contact us for enquiries on selecting the right desiccant product to ensure moisture packaging protection for goods.