Temperature Indicators Labels are used to track if temperature-sensitive products have been stored in their optimal operating temperature range, alerting through a visual alarm display if a temperature breach has occurred. Single-use, Temperature Indicator Labels do not require a power source and are value-for-money devices that protect goods. The labels display the real-time temperature of packaged products and the changes in external temperature conditions. There are two types of Temperature Indicator Labels available, reversible and irreversible, with colours changing accordingly to the temperature.

In the case of reversible labels, it is possible to change them back and forth when required to indicate the existing temperature. Irreversible Temperature Indicator Labels are self-adhesive monitors with single or more indicators sealed inside a transparent and heat-resistant window. These labels indicate a specific temperature or a series of changes in the temperature. Reversible and irreversible Temperature Indicator Labels are available in descending and ascending styles. They enable the maintenance of ideal temperatures during the storage and transportation of products.

At Stream Peak, we offer various reversible and irreversible Temperature Indicator Labels in descending and ascending styles. Our tamper-proof Temperature Indicator Labels extend the shelf life and protect packaged products against temperature changes in storage and shipping, providing owners with assurance and ease of mind throughout the supply chain. We provide the most competitive prices for our products.