Vent Dryers are often used to protect materials stored in tanks or drums from moisture contamination. Vent Dryers are used to dry the incoming air whenever there is air movement within the storage tank or drum. Fluid contaminants, such as moisture and dirt, are the primary contaminant source that causes dilution of acid, increased corrosion of oils and other fluids, fungal growth, or lower electrical resistance of transformer oils and similar materials.

Contaminants enter the tank or reservoirs when materials are being retrieved from the tank due to operational demand, thermal breathing – the movement of vapours in and out of the tank, and the change of atmospheric pressure. Customers can choose to either have Envirogel (orange indicating silica gel) or molecular sieve in their Vent Dryers, depending on which is more suited for their application. Hence, Tank Vent Dryers are the perfect solutions to protect materials extremely sensitive to moisture contamination as they control the tank’s contaminants.