Immersion Breathers

Prevent pressure or vacuum buildup in instruments

Available in multiple variations to suit your needs

Immersion Breathers also are known as “free breathers” that equalise air pressure but keep the liquid water out of the container or tank. They are installed on enclosed equipment that operates when submerged in water or under rainwater and subjected to changes in altitude and temperature. The Immersion Breathers prevent damages or distortions that generally occur due to the mentioned changes. They are used to prevent pressure or vacuum buildup in instruments or equipment subject to water spray or immersion.

At Stream Peak, we offer a wide range of robust and quality Immersion Breathers from the industry’s leading manufacturers. The product material made from hard-wearing, resilient and durable materials that ensure maximum returns on the investment. We provide comprehensive information and guidance regarding our Immersion Breather products helping users to select the most suitable product that meets their exact specifications.