Anti-slip sheets prevent goods and products from sliding or shifting during pallet transportation or storage. These sheets are made of durable materials and are coated with an anti-slip surface on one or both sides.

Prevent Sliding and Shifting

Anti-slip sheets enhance the stability and safety of palletised goods by providing additional friction and grip. They help prevent items from moving or sliding off the pallets, especially during handling, transportation, or when stacked. This is particularly important for products prone to slipping, such as boxes, cartons, or other packaged goods with smooth surfaces.

The anti-slip load mats can be placed on the pallets between layers of goods or directly underneath the products. When pressure is applied, the textured or coated surface of the sheets creates a secure grip, reducing the risk of load shifting and the potential for damage or accidents.

Secure Grip and Improved Safety

These sheets can be used in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and retail. They are particularly beneficial when dealing with fragile, delicate, or valuable items that require extra care and stability during handling and transportation. Use anti-slip sheets to improve load stability, minimise product damage, and enhance workplace safety.

  • It can be used in transport, trains and containers.
  • Stowing option to increase product stability on the floor bed
  • Reduces the strapping required
  • Effective for all product goods: pallets, oversized cargo, paper rolls

Anti-Slip Load Mat Product Brochure: Download