Strapping tensioners for securing loads with composite straps or woven lashing are designed to apply tension to the strapping material, ensuring it is tightly secured around the cargo. The tensioners have a ratcheting mechanism or a lever that allows the user to pull the strapping tight and hold it in place.

Strapping tensioners are essential for load securement, as they ensure the strapping is properly tensioned, preventing the cargo from shifting or coming loose during transportation. By applying the right amount of tension, they help maintain the integrity and stability of the load, minimizing the risk of damage, accidents, and injuries.

We supply a wide range of strapping tensioners, depending on the type and size of the strapping used. Some common types include manual tensioners, pneumatic tensioners, and battery-powered tensioners. Manual tensioners require physical force to tighten the strapping, while pneumatic and battery-powered tensioners use air pressure or battery power to apply the necessary tension.