Packaging Indicators ensure the safe transportation and storage of products. The indicators visually represent external conditions that may have affected the goods during storage, transportation, or other operations. By offering easily interpretable and straightforward information, users can quickly identify unfavourable conditions that may have impacted the products during handling, storage, or transport. The packaging labels effectively protect products without compromising the integrity of the packaging.

The warning indicators accurately display changes in temperature, humidity, shock or impact, and tilt. They are paired with product packaging based on external conditions that must be monitored. Implementing indicators reduces potential damages and losses during logistics and storage. They also alert carriers, reminding them to handle the products carefully and highlighting any mishandling incidents. Furthermore, packaging indicators minimise customers’ inspection time and expedite the processing of product damage claims.

At Stream Peak, we provide a comprehensive range of packaging indicators designed to monitor, protect, and safeguard valuable assets throughout the supply chain. The indicators protect against temperature and humidity control, shock detection and tilt monitoring.