Provide Users with Alerts of Possible Damages during Shipping and Handling

The use of Packaging Indicators ensures safe product logistics. Indicators give a visual indication of the external conditions that might have impacted products during storage, transportation, or other operations. The information these indicators provide is easy to interpret, concrete and straightforward, enabling companies to know if any unfavourable conditions have affected handling, storage, or transport. These indicators are discreet and cost-effective devices that make it easy to protect products without damaging the packaging.

Indicators show temperature, humidity, shock or impact, and tilt changes. Some indicators show the effect of the parameters mentioned above. The indicators are paired with product packaging according to the external conditions that need to be controlled. These products reduce damage and loss, which might occur during logistics and storage. They alert the carriers that the products should be handled carefully and indicate any mishandling. These devices also reduce customers’ product inspection time and the time spent processing product damage claims.

At Stream Peak, we offer a wide range of Packaging Indicators to monitor, protect and safeguard valuable assets throughout the supply chain. We source our packaging solutions from recognised manufacturers, ensuring high-quality products at the most competitive prices. Our indicators are available for temperature and humidity control, shock, and tilt. These are state-of-the-art products that keep all kinds of packaging safe and protected during transit and delivery.