Thermal liners protect cargo inside shipping containers from damage caused by changes in humidity and temperature during transportation.

Mould and Corrosion Prevention

Thermal liners help maintain a consistent temperature within the shipment, creating a temperature difference of 10-20ºC between the interior and the container. They also prevent condensation and water from dripping onto the products, which can lead to mould and corrosion.

The isothermal cargo cover serves a dual purpose: it protects the contents within the container and the container itself. Additionally, it reduces dirt and odours, thus lowering the cost of cleaning the container’s interior. Setting up the thermal liner is quick and easy, requiring only three minutes of assembly time and no tools. It can be used in any standard shipping container

Easy Assembly Reliable Protection

The thermal liner is versatile and suitable for various products, including food, chemicals, clothing, vehicles, and machinery. Compared to refrigerated containers, the thermal liner offers several advantages: it is reusable, consumes less energy, and contributes to reducing pollution during transit, making it a more sustainable choice.

  • Extends online quality control to the destination
  • Benefits both importers and exporters
  • Protects products from temperature and humidity damage
  • Ensures a hygienic environment for product preservation
  • Reduces environmental impact by saving energy
  • Designed for reusability and sustainability
  • Prevents condensation and water damage to products
  • Protects both contents and container from damage
  • Reduces dirt and odours, lowering cleaning costs
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly
  • EMBAPANEL (Reusable) without floor- Isolation Ranks: Extreme
  • EMBATUFF 130 (Reusable) – Isolation Rank: Maximum
  • EMBATUFF 55 (Reusable) – Isolation Rank: High
  • EMBATHERM (Not Reusable) without floor – Isolation Rank: Medium

Thermal Liner Embatuff Product brochure: Download