Extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables with ethylene absorbers. The absorbers are manufactured using natural zeolites, capable of removing ethylene gas through oxidation. This process ensures that the freshness and quality of the products are maintained during transit and storage. Freshly harvested fruits, vegetables, and flowers release ethylene gas and water vapour, accelerating the ripening process and causing deterioration and microbial damage.

Ethylene absorbers can prevent weight loss and improve the quality and shelf life of the produce. They comprise a composition blend of zeolite powder and potassium permanganate, which can absorb ethylene and moisture while inhibiting volatile bacterial growth. Ethylene gas is a major cause of deterioration and ripening, while excess moisture can lead to decay and the formation of mould and fungus. Ethylene absorbers are non-toxic, chemically inert, and can be disposed of as ordinary waste.

The food packaging solution has four main applications: controlling the atmosphere for storage, slowing down the ripening of fruits and vegetables, absorbing ethylene while shipping agricultural produce, and reducing food wastage. Available in multiple sizes and types to suit different volumetric requirements.