Control Moisture and Contamination with Desiccant Breathers

Desiccant Breathers is a cost-effective moisture solution and efficient protection for machinery and other devices against moisture and contamination. The humidity and moisture inside the hydraulic fluid or lubricant containers are a matter of constant concern, which changes viscosity and causes rust and oxidation, sludge issues, and lubricant depletion. Breathers are a vital component of a hydraulic system, storage tank, or fluid lubrication. The Silica Gel Breathers prevent the build-up of moisture and particulate contamination inside harsh operational environments, absorbing humidity inside the container before entering the liquid or fluid atmosphere. These devices dry the storage container’s air, protecting fluids from moisture and contamination.

Desiccant Breathers are essential for protecting and stabilising equipment and storage containers. Moisture and contaminants enter equipment and vessels during the fluid level, pressure, and temperature changes. Desiccant Breathers prevent the entry of pollutants and the build-up of moisture in the equipment or containers. The Desiccant Breathers have several layers that enhance the efficiency of these devices. The breather helps maintain the maximum performance and life of the stored chemicals, lubricants, or other fluids.