Paper void-fill packaging systems fill empty spaces or voids inside shipping boxes or packages with paper-based materials. The paper material acts as a protective barrier, minimising the movement of items within the package and reducing the risk of damage during transit. The paper void fill machine automates the cutting and dispensing of paper, making it efficient and user-friendly for packaging operations. The machine has a paper roll holder, a feed mechanism, and a cutting mechanism.

The paper roll is loaded onto the machine, and the system feeds the paper through the machine, cuts it into specific lengths, and dispenses it into the package. The cut paper is crumpled or folded to create a voluminous and flexible filling material that can conform to the shape of the products being shipped. We provide a range of paper void-fill machines to meet different packaging requirements. Our automated void-fill systems include tabletop models, ideal for small-scale operations, and larger industrial systems designed to handle high-volume packaging needs.