Foam-in-place packaging system protects and cushions delicate or fragile items during shipping or transportation. It involves using a specialised machine that combines two liquid components—polyol and isocyanate—to create a foam mixture.

Protect and Cushion Fragile Items

The foam mixture is dispensed into a plastic bag or directly onto the product, where it expands and solidifies to form a custom-fitted protective foam cushion around the item.

The foam-in-place packaging provides excellent shock absorption and vibration-dampening properties, which helps to safeguard the packaged item from potential damage during handling or transit. The foam conforms to the product’s shape, providing a snug, secure fit that prevents movement and minimises the risk of impact-related breakage.

Additionally, the foam used in this void-fill packaging system is typically lightweight, which helps reduce overall shipping costs. It is also versatile and can be used for packaging items of various shapes and sizes. The foam material itself is recyclable, adding to its environmental appeal.

Individual Expanding Foam Bags

Foam-in-place packaging systems can be used in electronics, medical equipment, automotive, and fragile retail goods. The process is typically automated, with machines controlling the foam components’ dispensing and expansion. Individual expanding foam bags that work manually is also available without a machine.

  • Uses an electric gear pump for consistent discharging pressure and improved foam quality
  • Components include a heating part, temperature detector, discharging part, display, control modulation, and pressure sensor
  • Wall-mounted control cabinet for easy installation
  • Liquid hose equipped with heating wire and helical structure coating
  • Self-checking computer system detects malfunctions for safe operation
  • Can perform timed foaming liquid mix with preset foam moulding volumes
  • Requires 220V stabilised power supply, no auxiliary power needed

Instant expanding foam bags

  • Ready to use anytime without a machine
  • Protection for fragile shipments
  • Activate chemicals in the bag manually with hands
  • Protects products of almost any size, shape and weight
  • Recommended for high-volume users
Foam Injection Machine

  • Adjustable temperature and liquid flow
  • Singlechip control program
  • Digital LCD