Free Standing Desiccators

Free Standing Desiccators protect electrical and optical equipment against corrosion, dampness, and contamination. They absorb moisture and prevent contamination and rust in electronic and telecommunication equipment. To monitor their moisture saturation, the desiccators can be paired with a desiccant (either Silica Gel or Molecular Sieve) or humidity indicator card. When the indicators turn blue to pink, users will have to replace the desiccant or humidity indicator card.

A Molecular Sieve is highly recommended for applications where the equipment may be subjected to immediate failure due to water vapour condensation. The desiccant will maintain an ultra-low relative humidity for sensitive equipment or enclosures that operate at low temperatures.


  • Computer equipment
  • Electronics
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electro-optical equipment
  • Optical equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment

Please find out more about the types of desiccants from our blog.

Available In:

  • Molecular Sieve Desiccant Box
  • 10g Indicating Silica Gel Container
  • 15g Indicating Silica Gel Container
  • Silica Gel Pylon

Free Standing Desiccator Product Brochure: Download