Industrial Packaging Services 

Increase productivity, reduce operation time and cost with professional packers. Stream Peak has a team of experienced and skilled packers ready to aid in your operations. Our industrial packers will efficiently pack your goods, ensure maximum protection, reduce damaged goods, and provide a hassle-free lean packaging operation.

With our wide variety of packaging solutions, our packers will ensure your goods are securely protected during shipment and storage. Ship your goods without worries!

We offer the following industrial packaging services, on-site packing service and stuffing & un-stuffing of the container.

On-Site Packing Service

Stream Peak’s team of professional packers will go down to the customer’s site to assemble, pack and load goods. Our team has handled a variety of goods, regardless of size, material, and shape. Our packers have the knowledge and experience to pack your goods with maximum protection properly. Our on-site packing service includes;

  1. Wooden Case Packing
  2. Plywood Case Packing
  3. Machine Base Skid Packing
  4. Vacuum Seal/Normal Packing
  5. Industrial Packing
  6. Machinery Packing
  7. Pressure-Tank Packing
  8. DG Cargo Packing
  9. Seaworthy Packing
  10. Fragile & Sensitive Packing
  11. Electronic & Electrical Packing
  12. Palletizing & Crating
  13. Vacuum Packing
  14. Exhibition Cases Packing
  15. Customized Machinery Foil Bags Packing
  16. Customized Industrial Packing

Stuffing & Un-Stuffing of Containers

When packaging goods, voids may occur, which poses a threat to damaging goods during shipment. With a void in the container, goods are not secure and prone to movement and tilt, causing damage to the goods from impact. To prevent damages to all types of goods, void fillers are used to be stuffed together with the goods during shipping. Stream Peak offers this service together with our wide variety of void fillers and load securement goods such as; container lashing, choking, straps, and much more. Our packers know our products and can efficiently utilize these solutions to secure your products firmly in place.

Our services include:
  1. Air Bag Protection
  2. Chocking & Lashing
  3. Transportation & Mover