Auto bag medical baggers offer a reliable and fully validatable sealing system for automatically packaging medical chevron pouches made from the barrier and Tyvek™ Poly tubing. These packaging machines ensure packaging integrity, maintaining the quality and safety of medical products.

With their built-in interface, the bagging machines simplify the integration of various automated devices such as counters, scales, and robotics for efficient and seamless in-line filling processes. The validatable medical pouch sealers provided by autobag come with real-time monitoring capabilities for all seal parameters.

The options include impulse bar sealers, continuous band sealers, and vacuum chambers. These sealers are equipped with advanced control systems that raise the alarm if there are any deviations in pressure or temperature during the sealing process.

The autobag baggers are designed to deliver 100% validation capability, ensuring accurate seal temperature within a tolerance of +/- 3° F. Additionally, all medical sealers are equipped with output ports that allow users to document and track the performance of the validation process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.