Absorbs moisture in its surrounding environment

Large variety of desiccants (moisture absorbers) available such as silica gel, molecular sieve, activated Alumina, etc

Protect products against moisture in the atmosphere with a Desiccant. Desiccants have porous surfaces that helps in absorbing water vapours from the air and moist materials. There are physical and chemical desiccants. In a high humidity atmosphere, food products often exposed to moulds and bacteria growth, resulting in food spoilage and discolouration. Metal oxidation can also occur in electronic products due to excessive humidity which will lead to defects and wastage. The presence of moisture in medication packaging can harm the effectiveness of medicines. Use Desiccants inside the product packaging to prevent defects in electronics, spoilage of food products, and medicines wastage due to excessive humidity or moisture. Desiccants are available in packets, in the form of sheets, moulded polymers, sachets, pillow packs, and many other types.