VCI bags, also known as volatile corrosion inhibitor bags, protect metal components and products from corrosion. The corrosion protection bags can be used in manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and military industries. VCI bags are made from a polymer film that contains volatile corrosion inhibitors. These inhibitors vaporize and create a protective atmosphere within the bag, which helps prevent corrosion on the metal surfaces.

The VCI molecules adhere to the metal surfaces, forming a thin protective layer inhibiting oxidation and preventing rust or corrosion. The anti-corrosion bags are also transparent, allowing visual inspection of the contents without compromising corrosion protection. VCI packaging is beneficial when storing or shipping metal parts, components, or equipment over extended periods or in corrosive environments. They can be used for steel coils, machinery, electrical equipment, automotive parts, and sensitive electronic components.

VCI bags are available in various customized sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of metal items. For added protection, the metal corrosion inhibitors can be used as standalone packaging or with other protective packagings, such as moisture barrier bags or desiccants.