The condensation terminator (CT) sheet is an absorbent dew-condensation countermeasure to moisture damage in cargo. Shipping container condensation causes moisture damage to goods, and the absorbent sheet is an efficient packaging solution to protect products from moisture damage.

Protect Cargo from Moisture Damage

When the temperature of the container walls falls below the dewpoint inside the container, condensation occurs. During condensation, moisture vapour transforms into liquid form, rising and accumulating on the walls and roof of the container. Over time, this moisture drips onto the goods, leading to damage such as packaging deterioration, mould, corrosion, and mildew.

The condensation sheet is designed to capture dew-condensation droplets from the container’s ceiling. It allows water vapour to pass through while acting as a barrier to water droplets, preventing them from reaching the goods. After securely attaching the CT sheet to the container’s interior, the water vapour rises, passing through the sheet and collecting at the top.

Prevent Moisture Damage from Condensation

The accumulated droplets then drip onto the sheet, which is durable enough to maintain its position even after absorbing a significant amount of water. As a result, water droplets no longer come into contact with the goods, ensuring their protection throughout the transit.

Installation and removal are quick and easy, taking only 5 minutes with special hooks. Furthermore, there is no need to clean the container after use. The absorbent sheets can be separated into burnable and non-combustible materials for convenient disposal.

The sheets are suitable for a wide range of goods, including steel wire, wire ropes, precision machines, machine parts, raw materials for cosmetics and chemicals, high-water-content food and moisture-emitting products.

  • Prevents moisture damage
  • No obvious sagging
  • Simple installation
  • Separable into burnable and non-combustible
  • No need to clean up
  • Versatile, applicable for a wide variety of goods
  1. CT Sheets come with unique hooks. Hang these hooks to the lashing rings and tie the ropes to the lashing bars at each corner.
  2. Attach the innermost sides and door sides of the CT Sheet to the ceiling with adhesive tapes
  3. Keep around 20cm between the top of the cargo and the CT Sheet.
  4. Prevent the cargo from touching the sheet
  5. Wipe dirt/oil off both the top of the cargo and the CT Sheet
  6. Keep the tape areas of the container dry to ensure the CT Sheet remains in place.
  7. CT Sheet cannot be attached without lashing rings at roof corners.
  8. The performance of the CT Sheet may vary according to the physical properties of cargo and climatic conditions en route.
  9. CT Sheet to be stored in cartons and kept away from hot/humid conditions such as a fire.

Condensation Terminator Sheet Product Brochure: Download