Hydrocarbon Adsorption Unit

The Hydrocarbon Adsorption Unit is filled with Activated Carbon to adsorb hydrocarbon vapours, aviation fuel vapours, and other contaminants in airborne applications. This desiccator is commonly used in airborne applications where the equipment may attract contaminants while the aircraft is on the ground.

Please find out more about Activated Carbon from our blog.

  • Adsorbs hydrocarbon vapours
  • Prevent contaminants from entering the equipment

Available Models:

  • Metric Thread 6 & 8g Activated Carbon Unit
  • Metric Thread & R.F. Screened 8g Activated Carbon Unit
  • 10g – 22g Combined Molecular Sieve & Carbon Ultra Clean Units
  • 6g Activated Carbon Unit

Hydrocarbon Adsorption Unit Product Brochure: Download