Small Panel Mounting Desiccators

Small Panel Mounting & Stick Desiccators incorporates a humidity indicator to monitor saturation and the need for desiccant replacement.

Protecting electronics, electrical and computer equipment against corrosion, dampness, and contamination, Small Panel Mounting and Stick Desiccators incorporates a humidity indicator to monitor moisture saturation. The moisture adsorbing agent used in the desiccators can be either blue-indicating silica gel or molecular sieves (recommended!)

When the blue-indicating silica gel is saturated with moisture, the desiccant will turn from blue to pink in colour.

On the other hand, molecular sieve maintains an ultra-low relative humidity for extremely sensitive applications, where the equipment may be subject to immediate failure due to water vapour condensation. It is recommended for applications where equipment or enclosures are operated at low temperatures, and water vapour condensation must not occur.

  • Incorporates humidity indicator
  • Visual indication of RH level
  • Variety of models available
  • Replaceable desiccant

Small Panel Mounting Desiccator: Download