Desiccant Sheet

Protect your goods from moisture & contamination

Versatile & convenient, cut into any size to fit into limited spaces

A great alternative to the usual desiccant sachets when space is limited, Desiccant sheets can be cut into any size to fit into narrow spaces and prevent contamination from desiccant dust.

  • It can be cut or punched to produce specific shapes or sizes
  • 3D thermoforming (creating a particular shape) is possible
  • Uniform thickness and easy for packing
  • No loose desiccants from broken sachets/bags
  • Suitable for automatic filling in the packing process
  • Not water-soluble, corrosive, or deliquescent (dissolvable)
  • Easily fixed in place by mechanical retention
  • No dust is produced as it is contained in a plastic sheet
  • Moderate to long term hygroscopicity (water-absorbing capacity)
  • Printable sheet surface