Desiccant Sheet

Protect your goods from moisture & contamination

Versatile & convenient, cut into any size to fit into limited spaces

A great alternative to the usual desiccant sachets when space is limited, Desiccant sheets can be cut into any size to fit into narrow spaces and prevent contamination from desiccant dust. The moisture adsorbing board’s compactness allows installation into areas that desiccant bags cannot reach. 

Key features 

  • It can be cut or punched to produce specific shapes or sizes 
  • 3D thermoforming (creating a particular form) is possible 
  • Uniform thickness and easy for packing 
  • No loose desiccants from broken sachets/bags 
  • Suitable for automatic filling in the packing process 
  • Not water-soluble, corrosive, or deliquescent (dissolvable) 
  • Easily fixed in place by mechanical retention 
  • No dust is produced as it is contained in a plastic sheet 
  • Moderate to long-term hygroscopicity (water-absorbing capacity) 
  • Printable sheet surface 

When the ambient temperature falls below the DewPoint, the air becomes saturated, and the water vapour in the air becomes liquid. Condensation is the cause of numerous system failures, significantly lowering electronic equipment’s performance and reliability. Selecting a suitable humidity control device is critical for adequate moisture protection. Desiccant sheets offer a practical alternative to conventional desiccant bags. 

There are various applications for desiccant sheets. Their applications include anything that requires protection from moisture and a high level of clean drying where the space available is limited, such as sophisticated electronic components. Regarding food packaging, they are suitable as lids for both takeaway and freshly prepared meals as they are designed to absorb excess moisture produced by steam, aiding in food preservation. They can also absorb moisture from raw meat and seafood, keeping meat and seafood fresh without using separate absorbent pads. They enable freshness retention for fruit and vegetables by absorbing the humidity naturally released by fruit and vegetables. Other applications include placing them on windows to absorb condensation in homes. 

Stream Peak strives to safeguard the integrity of products by preventing moisture damage during transit and storage. Our other products like silica gel packets and desiccators can do this. Contact us for enquiries on selecting the right desiccant product to ensure moisture packaging protection for goods.