Edge board protectors, also known as corner protectors or edge guards, safeguard the edges and corners of goods during storage, shipping, and transportation. They are available in different plastic, foam, or cardboard materials.

Protect Goods During Transit

The corner protectors prevent damage to edges and corners prone to impact, abrasion, or compression during handling or movement. These protectors can be used in logistics, manufacturing, and retail industries to ensure the safe transportation of goods.

Edge board protectors are L-shaped and designed to fit securely over the edges or corners of items, creating a protective barrier. Some edge protectors have additional features, such as cushioning or reinforcement, to enhance protection against impacts or stacking pressures.

Minimise Damage from Impact

Edge guards absorb and distribute the forces of impact, minimising the risk of dents, chips, or cracks on the edges and corners of packaged items. They add strength and stability to stacked pallets or boxes, reducing the likelihood of crushing or deformation.

By reinforcing the corners and edges, they help maintain the integrity of the overall package and prevent shifting or collapsing during transit. Edge board protectors provide a stable surface for strapping or banding materials, ensuring they do not cut into or damage the packaged goods.

  • Safeguards edges and corners from impact, abrasion, and compression
  • Available in plastic, foam, or cardboard materials
  • L-shaped design for secure fitting over edges or corners
  • Creates a protective barrier for packaged items
  • Some models offer cushioning or reinforcement for enhanced protection
  • Absorbs and distributes forces of impact to minimise damage
  • Adds strength and stability to stacked pallets or boxes
  • Maintains package integrity and prevents shifting during transit
  • Provides a stable surface for secure strapping or banding
 A mm  B mm  C mm  D mm
 50-60000  35  35  BIO 2-6

HS 1-6

 40  40
 45  45  BIO 2-8

HS 1-8

 50  50
 60  60
 80  80
 100  100


 B x C (mm)  A (mm)  D width (mm)
 35 x 35  1000  3
 50 x 50  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  6

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