Dunnage Airbags are used to secure cargo and create a bulkhead during transit. Dunnage Airbags are great void fillers to prevent movement and absorb impacts in a sea container, rail car, truck, vessel, or intermodal. Dunnage Airbags combine IN-LINER (also known as the bladder or balloon) which holds the compressed airtight at high-pressure levels, and OUT-LINER (the cover) to give the Dunnage Airbags the shape, stability, and enormous strength. To ensure perfect tightness even under high pressure, all our Dunnage Airbags IN-LINER are made of specially extruded polyethene (PE-mixture).

At Stream Peak, the OUT-LINER of Dunnage Airbags come in two different materials – Kraft Paper and Woven Polypropylene (PP). The Kraft Paper Dunnage Bags are the most common Dunnage Airbags used worldwide. Available in 1, 2, 4, and 6 plies, the Kraft Paper Dunnage Bags can be applied to the in-liner in multiple layers, making it extremely strong. On the other hand, the Woven PP Dunnage Bags make a good alternative to Paper Dunnage Bags as they are lighter and recyclable. Besides, the woven PP Dunnage Bags are water-resistant.