Strapping dispensers, also known as strapping carts or strapping trolleys, are tools used in packaging and shipping applications to facilitate the handling and dispensing of strapping materials. Strapping, also called banding or bundling, secures items together using strapping bands.

Accurate and Secure Fastening

Strapping dispensers can hold and dispense various types of strapping, such as PET or PP strapping or composite strapping. They come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate different widths and lengths of strapping.

The strapping dispenser provides a convenient and organised way to store and transport strapping materials. They come with wheels or casters, allowing easy warehouse or shipping area mobility. The dispensers can include additional features, such as a brake mechanism to control tension or a storage compartment for strapping seals and tools.

Enhance Mobility and Convenience

By using a strapping dispenser, workers can easily unroll the desired length of strapping, cut it to the required size, and then secure it around packages, pallets, or other items.

This improves efficiency and reduces the risk of tangles or knots in the strapping material. Use strapping dispensers in packaging and shipping operations for a convenient and efficient way to handle and dispense strapping materials for securing and bundling items.

  • Adjustable handlebar for comfortable handling
  • Heavy-duty roll dispenser for durability and compatibility with various strapping belt coils
  • Two interchangeable sets of dispenser discs for different paper core sizes (78mm and 200mm)
  • Double ball bearing centre for smooth and easy coil rotation
  • Integrated belt break to prevent uncontrolled unreeling of the belt
  • Ball bearing wheels for easy mobility
  • Solid stand for stability during operation
  • Full steel tool compartment for convenient storage
  • Dispenser Cart I
  • Dispenser Cart II
  • Economic Strapping Dispenser
  • Dispenser Stand

Strapping Band Dispenser Product Brochure: Download