Packaging tapes safeguard products during transportation and storage. The range includes gummed paper tape and OPP tape, each offering unique advantages.

Gummed paper tape is applied using an electric paper tape dispenser, providing efficient and consistent application. It comes in different grades, tailored to accommodate various box weights. Slightly wider than plastic tape, gummed paper tape offers reliable protection and is an environmentally friendly choice due to its paper composition.

OPP tape, also known as transparent tape, is typically applied by hand or with a hand-held tape gun. Its transparency allows for custom designs, making it a versatile option for branding purposes. Unlike gummed paper tape, OPP tape doesn’t require water during application, simplifying the sealing process. It can be used to seal cardboard boxes, secure packages, or even repair and reinforce boxes as needed.

Different applications demand specific tape characteristics. A variety of packaging tapes are available with different thicknesses and strengths, catering to both residential and commercial requirements. Whether robust tapes for heavy-duty shipments or lighter options for everyday packaging needs are needed.