Packaging Tape

Super Adhesion and Strong Grip

Stream Peak supplies packaging tape like Gummed Paper Tape and OPP Tape which offers super adhesion to the surface and strong grip for greater product protection. Gummed Paper Tape is applied using an electric paper tape dispenser while OPP Tape is typically applied by hand or with a hand-held tape gun. Unlike OPP Tapes, Gummed Paper Tape comes in different grades based on box weight and are slightly wider as compared to plastic tapes. They also provide a sustainable solution to packaging due to their paper construction. On the other hand, OPP tapes are transparent and can be easily customised with patterns or branding. Since the tapes don’t need the application of water to be activated, they can be used anywhere. The packaging tapes can be used to seal up cardboard boxes, secure packages or used to repair or secure a box or package if necessary, allowing products to reach end users safely and create ease of storage. We stock a wide variety of packaging tapes with different thicknesses and strengths to suit various residential and commercial applications.