Automatic banding machines, also known as banding or strapping machines, are used to securely bundle and fasten items together using straps or bands made of materials like plastic or metal. The banding and sealing machines automate applying straps to products or packages, providing efficient and consistent banding.

Strapping machines can quickly and consistently apply bands to many items, improving productivity and reducing labour costs. The automatic bundling machine ensures consistent tensioning and sealing, resulting in uniformly tight and secure bands around the bundled items. By automating the banding process, these strapping equipment reduce the risk of injuries when using manual banding tools.

Packaging banding machines can be used for various products, from individual items to bundles of various sizes and shapes. Automatic strapping equipment can also be used in various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, printing, packaging, and food processing. They are useful for bundling boxes, cartons, newspapers, magazines, and other similar items.