Desiccant packs are an effective packaging solution for protecting goods from damage caused by moisture and gases. By increasing the lifespan of goods, these moisture-absorbing packets offer a practical way to prevent spoilage and discolouration in food products often exposed to mould and bacteria in highly humid environments. Excessive humidity can lead to metal oxidation in electronic products, causing defects and wastage. Even the presence of moisture in medication packaging can harm the effectiveness of medicines.

Using desiccant packs inside product packaging can prevent these issues from occurring. Their primary function is to absorb moisture during storage or transportation, making them an essential tool in preventing defects in electronics, spoilage of food products, and wastage of medicines. Incorporating desiccant packs in the packaging is a cost-effective solution to protect goods and ensure the quality remains intact. Stream Peak is a trusted and ISO-certified desiccant bag manufacturer in Singapore. We offer high-quality, customisable desiccant bags for moisture control in various applications. We offer effective moisture protection to prolong the shelf life of products.