Load Buckles

Flat-Stamped, Forged, Galvanised, Nitrated and Phosphated Buckles

Buckles are used to fasten the two ends of a strapping band which helps to enhance the tightening

Load Buckles are made of quality heavy-duty metal and made for loads of varying strength. There are double seals, flat stamped, galvanised wire, nitrated wire, phosphate, and many other types of buckles that can safely and quickly hold dynamic loads. Stream Peak supplies a wide variety of Load Buckles in different makes and sizes to secure different loads. Some are stamped, while others are forged or welded to make them resilient and hard-wearing. They are waterproof and rustproof. These buckles are perfect for securing any load size during shipping. Stream Peak’s quality Load Buckles enable companies to safely secure their loads and prevent damage while in transit. Our packaging engineers can help select the most suitable Load Buckle to meet the particular load requirements.