Boost humidity packs utilise two-way humidity control technology that regulates humidity levels in dry and excessively moist air. The packs absorb humidity in areas with excess moisture and boost humidity levels in dry air, maintaining optimal humidity levels for the stored items.

Regulate and Control Humidity Levels

The humidity bags are designed to control humidity levels within the packaging, extending its shelf life. Regulate humidity in enclosed environments using patented technology that releases or absorbs moisture to create the ideal setting for items such as cigarette packages, pantry goods, and medicines. They are tear and spill-resistant and do not affect the flavour of stored items.

The humidity controllers are made from a mixture of glycerin, gelatin, and water infused into white kraft paper with food-safe dyes. They are non-toxic, food safe, and can be used for long-term storage without compromising quality.  Additionally, the humidity packs retain moisture and weight. The bags can last anywhere from one to four months, depending on the humidity or dryness the containers are exposed to.

Enhance Storage Conditions

Use humidity control packets in airtight packaging for optimal results, choosing the right size based on the number of goods. Avoid allowing too much additional space or air in the container. Each pack includes a humidity indicator card for hands-free monitoring which changes from red to blue when it’s time to replace the pack.

  • Does not tamper with the product’s taste or smell
  • Packaging material is tear-resistant and spill-proof
  • Food-grade ink is used for packaging printing
  • Maintains relative humidity levels
  • Prevents mould and mildew
  • Preserves freshness, taste, and aroma
  • Delivers optimal moisture content without weight loss from transpiration
  • Extends products’ shelf life
  • Durable, biodegradable, and puncture-resistant overwraps
  • Safe, food-grade certified, and non-transferable ink
  • Humidity indicator card included in each packet
  • Moisture damage prevention

Boost Humidity Packs 62% R.H.

 RH Level  62%  62% 62%
 Grams  4g  8g 67g
 Quantity  600 pieces individually   wrapped

200 pieces individually   wrapped

 300 piece individually wrapped

144 pieces individually wrapped

 100 pieces individually wrapped

24 pieces individually wrapped

12 pieces individually wrapped

Boost Humidity Packs 55% R.H.

 RH Level  55%  55%  55%
 Grams  4g  8g  67g
 Quantity  600 pieces individually wrapped

200 pieces individually wrapped

 300 packs individually   wrapped

144 packs individually            wrapped

 100 pieces individually wrapped

24 pieces individually wrapped

12 pieces individually wrapped

Boost Humidity Packs Brochure: Download