Bulk Desiccants

Comes in molecular sieve, silica gel, activated alumina, etc

Comes in a variety of packaging

Stream Peak is a global supplier of Bulk Desiccants. Bulk Desiccants are adsorbent materials that are used to absorb moisture, liquid, and gases in the surrounding environment, hence keeping products from being damaged. We offer a variety of desiccants of different mesh and sizes and available in different sachet packaging. Desiccants here are supplied in packaging such as clear plastic, KF paper, Tyvek, paper, DL paper, Kraft paper, tear-proof fabric, packets, hard paper, and healton. They are also available in canister, strip, loose, spool, and plastic tablet forms. The range of available desiccant types includes Activated Carbon, Activated Clay, Silica Gel, and Molecular Sieve. We ensure to source desiccants from only high-quality manufacturers and provide the most competitive wholesale prices for bulk orders.