Bulk Desiccants are adsorbent materials that absorb moisture, liquid, and gases in the surrounding environment, keeping products from being damaged. These drying agents attract thin layers of moisture molecules from the air to the desiccant surfaces through multiple-layer adsorption. Some products use the capillary condensation mechanism, which involves tiny pores eventually filling with water molecules.  

Desiccant sachets are commonly used in packaging and placed inside boxes in direct contact with the contents that must be protected during transit and storage. Desiccants such as silica gel can be used for various purposes, such as maintaining a low humidity level inside rooms or in different types of machinery. 

The desiccants can be collected in small tanks and stored near machinery, collectables, small areas containing electronic circuits, and any other place where moisture control is required. Inside filters for air or gas circulation systems is another way bulk silica gel is utilised to minimise the percentage of humidity in the treated air mass, making the filter much more efficient. 

We offer a variety of desiccants of different mesh and sizes and are available from 0.25gm to 5kg sachet packaging. Desiccants are supplied in packagings such as clear plastic, KF paper, Tyvek, DL paper, Kraft paper, tear-proof fabric, packets, hard paper, and healton. They are also available in canister, strip, loose, spool, and plastic tablet forms. The available desiccant types include Activated Carbon, Activated Clay, Silica Gel, and Molecular Sieve. We ensure to supply of quality desiccants and provide competitive wholesale prices for bulk orders. 

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