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For 45 years, Stream Peak International has dedicated to provide professional recommendations and quality protective packaging to meet the needs of our clients.

We have generated a host of damage preventive solutions for industries including Electronics, Semiconductor, Logistics, Warehousing, Packer, Mover, Food, Power, Refinery, Healthcare, Defense, Military, Aerospace, and Automobile.

Our devotion to our clients to partner and solve the challenges with the latest industrial solutions and expertise. We pledge ourselves to improve and protect the supply chain to reduce waste.

At Stream Peak, we strive to safeguard the integrity of our customers’ products by preventing damages from moisture, gas, impact, temperature, and corrosion during transit and storage.

To protect other valuable assets of our clients, i.e., profits, infrastructures, and employees; Stream Peak also provide solutions involving workplace safety and automatic packaging machines.

We are committed to keeping goods safe to avoid unnecessary losses and waste from damaged goods — One less worry when we take care of damage protection.

Our Competitive Edges Include

Promise of Service Excellence
45 Years of Proven Damage Protection
Offices in 5 Countries to Assist Your Needs
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Delivering Quality Without Compromise


To be the leading and preferred source for Quality Protective Packaging Solutions.


In 1976, a group of brothers founded Stream Peak International with the collective purpose of protecting customers’ goods and, in return, their profits through minimizing the potential damage to their products. Together with 20 other employees in Bukit Merah, the founders worked day and night to build the company into what it is now.

Today, Stream Peak has over 100 employees carrying on the founders’ mission of providing high-quality protective packaging solutions to our customers. Driven by the same motivation, the business has evolved from selling desiccants exclusively to selling over 200 products catering to different needs of various industries. Stream Peak has protective packaging solutions for moisture, impact, temperature, corrosion, and gases.

Stream Peak also provides solutions involving workplace safety and automatic packaging machines to protect our clients’ profits. We aim to be the hub for all companies from different industries to come to and receive all-rounded solutions. With our very own Quality Assurance Lab, we provide nothing but top-quality solutions to our customers.

Moving forward with our mission, Stream Peak will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions to be the hub for all their protective packaging needs.

Our commitment to protecting the environment by carrying and promoting environmentally friendly products remains unwavering. Besides, to reduce electricity and paper usage to preserve our planet, we plan to reduce the electricity consumption rate based on 12 months average (vs. production working hours).

That is the mission we stand by, past, present, and future.

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Fully committed to providing quality products and services together with continuous improvements


Stream Peak International shall establish and implement programmes and practices for conducting all operations in a manner that demonstrates responsibility and care for our environment. We commit ourselves to:

  • Control wastages of natural resources and materials.
  • Care for the environment and prevent pollution.
  • Strive for a safe, green and healthy environment through proper implementation, communication, and documentation.
  • Meeting both customer’s requirements and regulatory requirements.
  • Supply ‘Green’ product which is in compliance with RoHS and other customer’s requirements.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of the Environment Management System


The management of Stream Peak International Pte Ltd will continuously improve on the Health and Safety management of our employee. We ensure that the Safety Policy is communicated to staff at all levels and review the Safety Policy periodically.


Our Values

Stream Peak International shall commit in social accountability by promoting a positive culture with respect to human rights and the continuous improvement of working conditions.

Our Commitment

Stream Peak International shall commit to manage our operations in a way that complies with all relevant employment legislation.

  • Conduct our business with fairness, honesty, integrity and respect for the interests of our stakeholders.
  • Comply with the laws and regulations within Singapore
  • Prevent the use of child labour and forced labour, improve health and safety, support freedom of association, prevent discrimination, implement performance management and manage compensation and working hours.
  • Provide awareness training on social accountability and where required job specific training for employees.


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