Oxygen Absorber

Reduces Oxygen Levels in Packaging to Prevent Mould Growth and Retain Flavour

Available in multiple variations to suit different needs

Stream Peak’s Oxygen Absorber, O Sorb, is made from safe, non-toxic material. Oxygen Absorbers are used to maintain product safety and prolong the shelf life of food products. O Sorb is also known as Oxygen Scavengers or Oxygen Absorbent. There are numerous Oxygen Absorbers available to suit a wide range of applications. An Oxygen Absorber’s components vary widely depending on what it is used for, the water activity of the product being preserved, and various other factors.

The oxygen absorber or scavenger is frequently enclosed in a porous sachet or packet, although it can also be a part of packaging films and structures. Oxygen Absorbers commonly used in food packagings such as pastries and snacks can reduce the aerobic environment to 0.01% oxygen. They prevent changes in the colour of food, prevent oils in food from becoming rancid, and retards the growth of oxygen-using aerobic microorganisms such as fungi. Without aerobic bacteria and fungi growth, the shelf life of a food product will extend from 1 week to several months.

When correctly packaged (i.e., a suitably sized oxygen absorber inside a high oxygen barrier can or bag), the oxygen level in the surrounding atmosphere effectively decreases to 0.01 per cent. As a result, oxygen absorbers extend the shelf life of food by preventing oxidation and insect damage. More than any other element in the atmosphere, oxygen promotes the growth of aerobic microorganisms such as fungi and mould. The development of these bacteria significantly compromises the integrity of a package. Discolouration occurs in food products, rancidity and putrefaction set in, and the risk of food poisoning is always present. The presence of oxygen in historical documents, art, and other artefacts adds to rapid deterioration, mildew, mould, and a variety of other contaminants. Oxygen absorbers were created to safeguard against such issues.