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During shipping or transit, tilting is common and can cause significant damage to products. To address this issue, Tilt Indicators can effectively control the inclination of products throughout the transportation process. Packaging indicators provide information regarding the loss of horizontality and the inclination angle.

Tilt Indicators are available in various forms, such as adhesive stickers, labels, tape, and data loggers. They are strategically placed on the packaging to identify tilt-sensitive products and emphasise the need for careful handling during transit. Once affixed to the product packaging, these indicators cannot be altered or deactivated, ensuring their reliability. They offer a dependable and cost-effective solution for preventing product damage during transportation.

At Stream Peak, we offer a diverse range of shipping tilt indicators designed to provide efficient control and protection against tilting for packaged products during movement and transportation. Shipping tilt indicators offer information about a product’s inclination throughout transit, empowering users to take necessary actions to safeguard products and optimise the supply chain process.