During shipping or transit, tilting can pose a significant risk to the integrity of products, often leading to damage. Tilt indicators are an effective solution to this issue, as they monitor and control the inclination of products throughout their journey. These indicators provide information on any deviation from the horizontal position and the extent of the tilt angle experienced during transit.

Tilt indicators come in various formats, including adhesive stickers, labels, tapes, and data loggers. Place them strategically on the packaging to identify tilt-sensitive products and emphasise the need for careful handling during transit. These indicators are tamper-proof once applied to the packaging, ensuring their readings remain accurate and trustworthy. This feature makes them an indispensable and economical solution for mitigating potential damage during shipping.

At Stream Peak, we offer a comprehensive range of shipping tilt indicators designed to monitor and protect against tilting effectively. Our indicators deliver real-time data about the inclination of products during transit. This information is crucial for users to take proactive measures to protect their products, thereby enhancing overall supply chain efficiency and reducing the risk of damage.