Tilting is a common occurrence with products during shipping or transit. Some products incur severe damages when shipped tilted. The use of a Tilt Indicator allows control over the inclination of products during shipment. They provide information about the horizontality loss and inclination angle. Shipping Tilt Indicators come in the form of adhesive stickers, labels, tape, and devices. They are placed on the product packaging to indicate tilt–sensitive products and careful product handling during transit. Once placed on the product packaging, it is impossible to alter or deactivate these indicators. The environmental conditions do not influence them. They provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for preventing product damage during transportation.

At Stream Peak, we offer a range of Shipping Tilt Indicators to provide efficient control and protection from tilt to packaging products during movement and shipping. We ensure to provide our clients with quality products at competitive prices. Our Shipping Tilt Indicators are available in label and sticker form and devices to provide users with precise information about the product’s inclination during transit, allowing owners to take necessary actions for the product and the supply chain process.