Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors

VCI Compounds Shield Metal Surfaces from the Environment

All-rounded protection of metal parts in visible and hidden areas

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors are highly effective and efficient. Its compounds shield metal surfaces from the environment. A unique blend of corrosion inhibitors is proven and tested. VCI compounds form a thin but resilient barrier on the metal surface in use against oxygen, moisture, and contaminants, thus eliminating risks of corrosion. Use VCI packaging to provide protection to metal components and products from damage. The VCI coverings and chemical compounds are tested to prevent humidity and moisture build-up. The Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors are tested and proven to form a thin layer of resilient barrier on a metal, generally steel, iron, or aluminium surface. They work against the effects of moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants, which cause corrosion. These corrosion inhibitors are available in different forms, such as bags, paper, emitters, film, liquids, aerosol, and others. These VCIs can be tailored to cater to specialised or heavy-duty operations in the military.