Protect Enclosed Systems against Damage with Breather Valves

Breather valves, also known as direct-acting vacuum/pressure relief valves, are specially designed to protect enclosed containers and tanks.  Various valves, including vacuum-only, pressure-only, and a combination of pressure and vacuum, are supplied with either flanged outlets or outlets vented to the atmosphere. The breather valves are commonly used in bulk-enclosed containers and tanks to minimise evaporation loss. They prevent excessive vacuum or pressure build-up within the container. The primary purpose of this valve is to protect the container against rupture or damage. Installing these valves within the tanks prevents system unbalance and damage to the container. Spots or weight pallets are fitted in these pressure valves that control vacuum levels and pressure. The valves are made up of spring and pallet systems for pressure settings and the pallet for adjusting vacuum settings.

Stream Peak offers a wide range of Breather Valves for different types of enclosed systems. They serve various purposes, while their primary function is to ensure protection against damage and rapture. These valves release the air pockets and prevent permanent physical damage or deformation of the large-capacity storage container. Our engineers can help select the right type of Breather Valves according to container size and other requirements.

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