Food Packaging Film

Prevent Oxygen and Moisture from Spoiling Flavour and Quality of Food

Available in multiple variations to suit various needs

Use high-quality Food Packaging Film Solutions for the food industry. Packaging plays a critical role in the preservation of food throughout its distribution chain. High quality and food-grade plastic food packaging are necessary to protect perishable food products while in transit. The use of a suitable packaging solution helps in improving food life, safety, and sustainability. The selection of the correct type of packaging is vital for food businesses for products like dairy, fresh foods, and bakery items have a highly perishable nature. These products need a resilient and airtight barrier, which enhances their shelf life. Moreover, from the standpoint of environmental sustainability, the minimum consumption of plastic is a significant factor for a business to consider while choosing plastic food packaging for their products.

As a leading supplier of the most effective and sustainable packaging solutions in the region, Stream Peak offers a variety of Food Packaging Film options. We bring innovative and cutting-edge packaging solutions to help the food industry improve quality, shelf life, and sustainability. We provide packaging solutions in preserving food quality and enhancing the user experience. At Stream Peak, we offer anti-leak food bags, modified atmosphere packaging, food packaging bags, pouches (cling wrap, retort pouch, zip bag, stand up pouch, etc.), and many other solutions the client’s requirements. Stream Peak ensures the industry’s quality and competitive rates to supply bulk orders with speed and efficiency.