Pallet Wrapper

Automatic/Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper

Reduce stretch film wastage, increase productivity

Protect goods with robust and reliable Stretch Wrapping. Protecting valuable goods for import or export transit is critical to safeguarding expensive investments. Stretch Wrapping makes smooth and efficient delivery of products possible. At Stream Peak, we supply durable, highly reliable and sturdy Stretch Wrapping machines to give maximum protection to the products. This packaging machine is designed to do automatic wrapping of pallets irrespective of their size and weight. It facilitates more uniform and seamless wrapping than manual wrapping. It also reduces the costs of the film significantly while ensuring the secure delivery of the product(s).

Stretch Wrapping Machine supplier with more than ten years of experience in the packing industry. We provide an automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine to meet product packing requirements with cost-effectiveness and ease. The wrapping machine automatically handles all the work from tail attachment to cutting and wiping function. Automation enables operators to remain productive without wasting resources. Durability and reliability are hallmarks of the equipment that we supply from the leading manufacturers. Our durable and rugged selection of stretch film equipment takes the risk of damage from shipping and logistics. There is no need to load off the lift truck for manual attachment of the stretch film. The products remain secure with automatic stretch wrapping and reach safely to the customers.