Products and goods come in various shapes and sizes, requiring different packaging solutions. However, certain items pose challenges due to voids and gaps within their packaging. These gaps can lead to shifting and movement during shipment, potentially causing damage when encountering rough surfaces.

Prevents Shifting and Damage

Retention packaging prevents shifting and damage by using elastic and durable plastic film to wrap products onto the packaging securely. Regardless of the product’s dimensions, the flexible film conforms to its shape and tightly suspends it within the packaging, preventing movement.

High-protection film and corrugated packaging ensure the product remains centred and well-protected, maintaining a safe distance from all sides. The retention packaging solution has a proprietary retention frame and innovative film membrane to hold the product securely. The elastomeric film effectively traps the product while allowing excellent visibility and product display.

Maximising Packaging Protection

The film loosens by folding the side flaps upward, creating an insertion pocket for loading the product. The side flaps are folded to tighten the retention film and securely hold the product in place. The finished package can be easily inserted into the packaging, ready for safe shipment.

We provide a wide range of retention and suspension packaging featuring different materials, lengths, and sizes. Our offerings include customisation options and printing services, allowing for a tailored packaging solution that aligns with specific brands and requirements.

  • Maximise space
  • Durable & strong
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Aesthetic packaging good for marketing
  • Versatile and flexible, applicable for most goods
  • Easy to operate, little training required
  • No additional machinery required
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Static Barrier protection
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Crush resistance
  • Variable Stretch options
  • Impact resistance
  • Corrosion inhibitor protection

Retention Packaging Product Brochure: Download