Splashproof breathers eliminate problems created by driving rain, water splashing, and jet washing. The valves are ideal for electronic packaging enclosures and transit cases operating in harsh and aggressive environments, allowing air transfer in and out while preventing contaminants such as water, sand, dust, and dirt from entering. The breathers come in stainless steel, aluminium, and plastics for the most aggressive applications.

A desiccant adsorber cartridge filled with silica gel or molecular sieves can also be fitted to control inlet moisture, preventing condensation and corrosion. Ideal even for air transit in commercial aircraft, splash-proof breathers can protect enclosures and transit cases from moisture with operating volumes of up to 500 litres.

  • Air Transfer “in & out”
  • Threaded or Lock Nut Mounted option
  • Constant pressure equalisation
  • Solvent and oil resistant
  • Temperature Range from -55°C to 125°C
  • Low to high filtration efficiency
  • Choice of housing materials
  • Easy installation
  • IP51 to IP54 ratings available
  • BLD11544/01 M3/8 mm/9.9 mm
  • BLD11544/02 M5/11 mm/16 mm
  • BLD11544/03 M8/14 mm/15 mm
  • BLD11544/04 M12/21 mm/22.5 mm

Splash Proof Breather Product Brochure: Download