Immersible Breather Desiccator

The Immersible Breather Desiccator protects equipment subject to immersion in water, preventing overpressure or vacuum build-up, bypassing high flow rates of air in or out of the equipment container packaging. This breather is fitted with an additional desiccant cartridge filled with silica gel or molecular sieve to absorb leftover moisture effectively, ensuring only dry air enters the equipment or container.

  • Prevent overpressure or vacuum build-up in equipment subjected to immersion in water
  • Safeguard equipment exposed to a potential change in temperature, altitude or atmospheric pressure
  • Additional desiccant cartridge to ensure only dry air enter
  • Oval Flange Mounted Immersion Breather
  • M20 Thread Aluminium Immersion Proof Breather Desiccator
  • M8 Thread Immersion Proof Breather Desiccator