Prolong the Shelf Life of Snacks!
Published On:October 11, 2018 Revised On:January 11, 2023

Prolong the Shelf Life of Snacks!

As Lunar New Year is nearing, bakeries are starting on the preparation of festive goodies. However, shop owners often face difficulty keeping the snacks fresh (and crispy) before the festive season is even over, causing low customer satisfaction when the snacks aren’t as tasty as expected! Are you facing similar difficulties in your business? Here’s some packaging solution that will be helpful for you!

Oxygen AbsorberHumi Dri – Silica Gel

Very often, excess moisture in the air causes food deterioration – such as your snacks turning soggy upon purchase. Hence, it is vital to remove the moisture in the food packaging to keep your food crispy! Silica Gel is a desiccant that absorbs moisture and water vapour, maintaining the humidity level in the surroundings, and they are safe for your food! (Orange Silica Gel is ideal for food applications) Find out more on Stream Peak’s Humi Dri – Silica Gel here.

Oxygen AbsorberO Sorb

The Oxygen Absorber (also known as Oxygen Scavengers) absorbs the oxygen within food packaging to maintain the quality of your food! Not only does oxygen causes rancidity to happen – changing the flavour and colour of your snacks, it also encourages mould growth. Oxygen Absorbers reduce aerobic environment oxygen to 0%, prolonging the shelf-life and freshness of the item. To ensure the safety of your customers, try Stream Peak’s very own O Sorb. It has four protective layers (the usual one has only 3), providing you with extra protection to prevent the iron used to absorb oxygen from leaking. So, fret not. Your safety is always our priority concern, and we encourage you to pack O Sorb in contact with your food! Find out more on Stream Peak’s O Sorb here!

Oxygen AbsorberFood Film

Lastly, provide your food with a protective barrier! O Sorb is often used with Food Packaging Film, which acts as a barrier against oxygen, water vapour, and flavours from other food products. These products are natural protectors, unlike those artificial additives and preservatives that are often used, making them a healthier consumer product. Find out more on Stream Peak’s Food Film here!

Here’s to longer shelf life and fresher goods to prevent yet another disappointed customer. Do contact us if you have any enquiries and stay connected with us: Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube!

Here is a video about Stream Peak’s Desiccant Bags and Oxygen Absorber.