What are Oxygen Absorbers?
Published On:November 11, 2019 Revised On:January 11, 2023

What are Oxygen Absorbers?

Oxygen Absorbers or Oxygen Scavengers are commonly used for food storage to ensure that the freshness of food. Oxygen Absorbers are very helpful in many ways, preventing the growth of moulds and bacteria to prolonging the product’s shelf life. They come in porous sachets and are added to food packaging, cans, and bags to minimise oxygen inside food packaging. Oxygen Absorbers also ensure the product does not lose its original taste and flavour before consumption. Here are some ways to use them. One of the first things to do is set aside a clean storage container or a jar to store the contents. The container must be tight with sealable lids that can lock the oxygen out entirely, and it must be dry too. Once the storage jar is in place, the next thing to do is to arrange your food. Some examples would be cakes, beans, cookies, coffee, grains, doughnuts, pasta.

Oxygen AbsorbersChoosing the Right Oxygen Absorber Size

Measure the volume of oxygen in your container by subtracting the product’s weight from the packaging capacity. 21% of air is made up of oxygen – Oxygen in container (ml) = (Air volume in container (ml) – weight of product (g)/specific gravity) x 0.21.

Stream Peak’s Oxygen Absorbers are available in different sizes, ranging from 10 ccs to 3000 ccs. To ensure the Oxygen Absorbers are good to use, look for the colour indicator around the packaging. The pink indication shows that there is no oxygen in the package, and the absorbers are fresh. Once the packaging has been exposed, it will turn blue.

Upon opening the packaging, use the Oxygen Absorbers immediately and close your storage container. As soon as you have dropped the sachet into the bag, seal it tight for the Oxygen Absorber to begin its preserving process. Remember to label the storage containers. Grains do share many similarities, and it can be difficult to tell them apart. To avoid this confusion, remember to mark the storage jars.

With Oxygen Absorbers, which are efficient and easy to use, you have one less worry. Here is a video about our Oxygen Absorbers.