Oxygen Scavenger Sachet

Oxygen Absorbers are a natural food preservative that safeguards the natural colour, flavour, and taste of food to extend its shelf life. They are a highly effective way to stave off food anaerobic bacteria growth. The oxygen scavengers slow down the deterioration process by inhibiting the growth of oxygen-dependent microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus in food—oxygen absorbers are designed to suppress oxygen in an aerobic environment to zero levels for months. By stopping aerobic organisms from growing, the oxygen absorbers effectively prolong food lifespan from a few days to several months. Quality packaging to ensure fresh food products such as vegetables and pastries. Although not consumable, the O Sorb is manufactured in Japan with safe and non-toxic materials. 

How Does Oxygen Absorber Work? 

Stream Peak’s Oxygen Absorbers contain a high-grade iron powder that reacts with oxygen molecules in an aerobic environment, entrapping them in the rusting process. A high-grade, semi-permeable outer film is at the heart of O Sorb’s safety mechanism. Although the iron powder in the product is non-toxic, the semi-permeable layer effectively prevents it from seeping into foods while facilitating oxygen outflow. Place O Sorb pouches with food inside sealed containers for months without worrying about the safety or quality of food products. 

Choosing the Right Oxygen Absorber Size 

21% of air is made up of oxygen. Stream Peak’s O Sorb comes in different sizes, ranging from 10 cc to 3000 cc. To measure the volume of oxygen in the container, subtract the product’s weight from the volume of the container. Therefore, oxygen in a container (ml) = (Air volume in container (ml) – weight of product (g)/specific gravity) x 0.21. 

  • High-quality materials from Japan facilitate quicker and more effective absorption. 
  • Moisture- and oil-proof pack with multiple laminated layers 
  • A semi-permeable outer film allows oxygen to flow out. However, it prevents the active powder from contacting the food. 
  • An excellent packaging solution to preserve foods’ pristine qualities, including their colours, flavours, textures, and taste

O Sorb sachets are suitable to be packed with: 

  • Bakery products 
  • Dehydrated food and nuts 
  • Jerky and processed meat products 
  • Pet food 
  • Pharmaceutical products 

Ensure oils smell nutty and earthy, veggies crunchy and yummy, fruits taste as fresh and juicy as new, and cooked foods are packed with their original aromas and flavours with Oxygen Absorbers! Click here to learn more about the O Sorb and watch our video.

  • Finer active ingredients to allow even and faster absorption
  • Multi-laminated packing that is moisture- and oil-proof
  • A superior outer film that allows oxygen to be absorbed without causing its active powder to have direct contact with food
  • Retains flavours, colour, aroma, and quality of food products
  • Prevents mildew, fungi, and other oxygen-dependent microorganisms
  • Cost-effective solution to shelf-life extension

O Sorb Oxygen Scavenger Sachet Product Brochure: Download