VCI biodegradable bags provide corrosion protection for metal components or products. These bags are designed to prevent rust and corrosion by releasing volatile corrosion inhibitors into the enclosed environment.

Eco-Friendly Rust Prevention

Volatile corrosion inhibitors are chemical compounds that vaporize and create a protective layer on the metal surface, inhibiting corrosion. They work by adsorbing onto the metal surface and forming a molecular barrier that prevents moisture and other corrosive elements from coming into contact with the metal.

The environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor bags are made from biodegradable materials, which means they can break down naturally over time and have a reduced impact on the environment compared to non-biodegradable plastics.

Effective Corrosion Protection for Metals

These eco-friendly rust prevention bags can be used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and metalworking, where metal parts or products need to be stored or transported in a corrosion-free condition. VCI biodegradable bags are available in different sizes and formats, including flat, gusseted, zip-lock, and stretch wrap films.

  •  Long-term corrosion protection
  • Completely amine and nitrite free
  • Impregnated with completely plant-based corrosion inhibitors
  • Safe to handle and use
  • Parts remain clean, dry, and ready to use immediately, without additional cleaning or rework
  • Compatible with Daubert Cromwell rust preventive liquids, papers, foams, and emitters
  • TRGS 615 and 900 compliant.
  • Passes TL 8135-0043 with the highest grade possible (3)
  • Fully recyclable
  • Easily inspect parts inside without opening the package
  • Flexible, strong, puncture, and tear-resistant
  • Tinted with a signature purple colour
  • Technically proven to provide the best protection for ferrous metals
  • Re-sealable Tubing
  • Single wound and C-fold sheeting
  • Flat and Gusseted bags, zipper bags
  • Bonnets, box liners, protective covers
  • Custom constructions, bubble films, stretch films, shrink films, ESD films, flame retardant films
  • Bearings, gears, brake parts, valves, pistons
  • Camshafts, crankshafts
  • Components, subassemblies, and finished machines
  • Engine bags
  • Export packaging
  • Large and roughly handled assemblies, frames, stampings, doors, etc
  • Pallet liners
  • Powertrain systems, drivetrain systems