VCI poly film bags are made from polyethene or polypropylene films infused with volatile corrosion inhibitors. The poly film bags provide a clean and dry corrosion packaging solution, making them ideal for storing and shipping multi-metal parts.

Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Volatile corrosion inhibitors are chemicals that vaporize from the film and form a protective layer on the metal surfaces. This layer helps prevent the formation of rust and corrosion by inhibiting the interaction between moisture, oxygen, and the metal surface.

With their strong, moisture-resistant, and tear-resistant properties, the volatile corrosion inhibitor bags prevent rusting on metal equipment, devices, objects, or parts.VCI poly film bags are non-toxic and do not have harmful substances that could compromise the integrity of the packaged items.

Additionally, the rust-prevention bags are recyclable, contributing to environmentally-friendly packaging practices. The transparency of anti-corrosion packaging bags allows for easy visual inspection of the packaged parts without the need to open or unwrap the bags.

Airtight and Moisture-Resistant

VCI poly film bags can be used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, and metalworking industries, where metal parts and components must be stored or shipped without the risk of corrosion.

The corrosion inhibitor bags are available in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different types and sizes of metal products.  They can be sealed using heat sealing equipment to create airtight and moisture-resistant packaging.

  • Protection and Packaging combined into one step
  • Corrosion protection of ferrous and multi-metals
  • Strong, durable, tear, and moisture-resistant
  • Proven corrosion inhibitor chemistry
  • Effective, safe, non-toxic, recyclable
  • Effectively seals off humidity, moisture, oxygen, salts, and other airborne contaminants
  • Safe and easy to use; no special handling required
  • Parts emerge clean, dry, and ready to use without additional cleaning or rework
  • The transparent film allows visual inspection of the packaged parts
  • Available as flat, gusseted, re-closable, or bubble bags

Available In:

  • Flat
  • Gusseted
  • Recloseable
  • Bubble Bags


  • 1 square surface area of film for every 3 square surface areas of metal
  • 1 square surface area of film for every 1 cubic area being protected
  • Bearings, gears
  • Brake parts
  • Camshafts and crankshafts
  • Components and sub-assemblies
  • Engine bags and shrouds
  • Export packaging
  • Finished components
  • Heavy and large machinery
  • Machined parts
  • Tools
  • Valves and pistons