Moisture Barrier Bags

Moisture Barrier Bags, also known as MBB bags, moisture bags, and vapour barrier bags, are used for packing and protecting goods from moisture during storage and transit, especially in countries with high humidity. Its high moisture barrier properties deter moisture from the surrounding environment from entering the bag and spoiling the inside goods. They are great for moisture-sensitive products. Commonly used packaging of aerospace or automotive spare parts, semiconductors, and small machine components act as an excellent moisture barrier with maximum puncture resistance and are heat sealable and military-grade. They are available in roll or bag form and customisable to different needs.  

Moisture barrier bags are often used with desiccants and humidity indicator cards to help reduce and monitor moisture content. Here at Stream Peak, we offer other packaging solutions for products. 

  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • Maximum puncture resistance
  • Heat sealable
  • Military grade and specifications
  • Customisable
  • Protects material without tearing or breaking apart