Temperature strip labels with 5 levels are designed for surface temperature monitoring in applications across various industries. The labels change colour individually from silver to black as the temperature rises above specific values.

Colour Changing Indicators for Precise Temperature Tracking

The temperature labels trigger at different temperatures, providing accurate temperature data during shipping. The non-reversible colour change ensures tampering detection and offers shippers and handlers visual evidence of temperature breaches.

The packaging indicators utilise precise melting points of purified organic chemicals to produce unique and high-precision colour changes. Each temperature point corresponds to a different chemical compound applied as a separate chemical coating on a unique paper substrate. When the temperature exceeds a certain point, the chemical melts and is absorbed by the substrate, resulting in a permanent colour change.


  • Compact design for use in small areas
  • Excellent accuracy to ± 2% of the Fahrenheit rating
  • Temperature range from 105°F (40°C) to 500°F (260°C)
  • A permanent record for inspection and quality control
  • Calibration-free
  • Oil, water, and steam resistant
  • Label Size 14mm diameter



  • Process control
  • Test & Measurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Quality control
  • Safety Indicators
  • Aerospace
  • Food
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Medical
  • Drilling
Clock 1 40°C 43°C 45°C 49°C 54°C
104°F 109°F 115°F 120°F 129°F
Clock 2 60°C 65°C 71°C 77°C 82°C
140°F 149°F 160°F 171°F 180°F
Clock 3 88°C 93°C 99°C 104°C 110°C
190°F 199°F 210°F 219°F 230°F
Clock 4 116°C 121°C 127°C 132°C 138°C
241°F 250°F 261°F 270°F 280°F
Clock 5 143°C 149°C 154°C 160°C 166°C
289°F 300°F 309°F 320°F 331°F
Clock 6 171°C 177°C 182°C 188°C 193°C
340°F 351°F 360°F 370°F 379°F
Clock 7 199ÂC 204°C 210°C 216°C 224°C
390°F 399°F 410°F 421°F 435°F
Clock 8 232°C 241°C 249°C 254°C 260°C
450°F 466°F 480°F 489°F 500°F

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