Blood Temp is a single-use temperature indicator for monitoring blood bags’ temperature during storage and transit. Equipped with a self-adhesive, it ensures accurate temperature monitoring.

If the temperature breaches the critical threshold, the indicator provides a clear visual alert to handlers.

Single-Use Temperature Indicator

One of the key advantages of the temperature label is its ease of use. There is no need for any pre-conditioning before activation. The label becomes active only when the ambient temperature surpasses the specified threshold. Once activated, it can be applied directly to a pre-chilled blood bag.

The dye within the label instantly solidifies upon contact with the cold surface, allowing for immediate tracking of temperature breaches. The temperature indicator for blood consists of two distinct windows: an activation window and a breached window.

Before activation, the activation window appears yellow, while the breach window remains white. Any degree of blue colouration in the indication window, whether partial or full, signifies a temperature breach.

Accurate Temperature Monitoring

Upon activation, a green activation line becomes visible within the yellow activation window, gradually filling it until it is completely green. The breach window, however, remains white throughout the process. The breach window cannot be reversed, modified, or reset once it has turned blue.

  • Cost-effective and easy to interpret
  • Irreversible evidence
  • Removes the ambiguity of temperature abuse
  • Aids in compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Easy to Use. Activated with a simple button push compared
  • Improve Compliance and promotes accountability during transport
  • No preparation, preheating or temperature-controlled storage
  • Complies with all FDA and AABB requirements:
    • FDA CFR600. 1 5 (a) for monitoring blood temperature
    • FDA 510(k) #BK150289
  • Temperature Monitored:
    • Blood Temp 6 – 6°C
    • Blood Temp 10 – 10°C
    • Blood Temp 10+ – 10°C (3-hour breach window)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5°C
  • Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dark place. Recommended 22°C at 20-80% RH
  • Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacture
  • Size: 32mm x 19mm

Blood Temp 10 Product Brochure: Download