Flat-stamped buckles are used for lashing woven strapping belts. They are designed to secure and tighten the straps to hold objects or cargo in place. These buckles are typically made of steel and have a flat, rectangular shape for a secure and adjustable fastening solution.

Fastening for Lashing Woven Strapping

The design of flat stamped buckles allows the lashing belt or strap to pass through one end of the buckle and then be pulled back through the other end, creating a loop or cinch. The buckle is then tightened to secure the strap, preventing it from slipping or loosening during transportation or use.

Flat-stamped buckles can be used in various industries, such as logistics, transportation, and outdoor activities. They secure loads on trucks, trailers, or roof racks and for bundling or fastening objects during camping, hiking, or general cargo handling.

  • Secure and tighten woven strapping belts
  • Durable steel construction for strength and reliability
  • Flat, rectangular shape for secure fastening
  • Prevents slipping or loosening during use
  • Provides a reliable hold for cargo and equipment
  • Quick and easy to use for efficient strap securing

Flat Stamped Metal Buckle Product Brochure: Download