Galvanised Wire Buckles

Due to its “self-lock” feature, Wire Buckles have outstanding slip resistance, maximising holding power. Wire Buckles have a small dent, or W shape, at the corner of the tensioning side to allow the buckle to close more tightly, making it more effective, less slippery, and more robust. Galvanised Wire Buckles are a type of Wire Buckle. The Galvanised Wire Buckles are specially made and designed to be used with composite and hot-melt strapping bands. They are protected against seawater, corrosion, and other climatic conditions that might weaken them. The container cargo composite strapping packaging solution is designed for easy threading, and the Galvanised Wire Buckles can deliver optimal high-load performance.

  • Ideal for composite strapping and hot-melt strapping
  • Protected from corrosion, seawater, and other climatic threats
  • High load performance

Galvanised Wire Buckle Product Brochure: Download